Automatic view of Instagram stories for explosive promotion

Automatic view of stories Instagram service will work as follows: a special smart robot will automatically check your account for new stories and as soon as it detects it, the robot will automatically give users the command to watch your story. As you can see, the “Automatic view of stories Instagram” service is very convenient, because there is no need to place an order every time, but to pay for the required number of views and posts stories in advance.

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What is Big Data?

The term Big Data looks quite obvious. This is something about huge amount of data and its processing. But usually, people can’t add something else or describe Read More

Search Engine Basics Every Marketer Should Know

When people talk about search engines, they’re typically referring to Google, Bing and Yahoo (Yahoo search is powered by Microsoft). According to one study, these “Big Three” represent over 95% of all online searches in the U.S.  There are many other major search engines in other countries, like Baidu in China, but the collective amount of searches they produce in the U.S. is insignificant.

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How to Write Great Content for Your Website

Research shows that web content is often scanned rather than read. Around half of those who click on a web page scroll through the first screen, but no further. Only about 16 percent of users will read an entire online article or webpage, which means that four out of five users aren’t reading at all- just scanning.

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Graphic Design Process for New Websites – A Guide for Clients

Graphic design is probably one of the most exciting steps of a website project. This is where you get to actually see your new website for the first time.  This is also where all the previous elements–taglines and copy, wireframes, branding and other components come together supported by the visual elements, such as style, colors, images, photography, typography and other design elements.

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Best Practices for Planning a Website Project

Regardless of what methodology is used for your website project, you should clearly define the stages (phases) of the project and understand what they include and entail.  Have your web developer explain the proposed flow and structure of the project.

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