How to Ensure that Your Website Doesn’t Become Obsolete

Will your website work on smart-watches or automobile dashboards as more and more Internet-connected devices propagate our lives every day?  While it is important to stay current on industry offerings, your primary focus should be on your business.

Your web developer should be able to anticipate the future of the Internet and implement the right technologies for your business. Discuss new features and applications with your web developer, and inquire how they may be incorporated into your website. Pay special attention to the following:

  • New design trends and how your website compares
  • New technologies and their applications
  • Your website’s appearance and functionality in new browsers and browser versions
  • Your website’s appearance and functionality on various mobile devices

Follow a Goal-Oriented Roadmap

Most website owners and web developers have no shortage of ideas for improvement to the website. How do you decide what to do next? A well-organized roadmap will help.  A roadmap is a document that outlines proposed and planned website improvements.  A roadmap should not end; it must be continually updated and evolve for the life of your website.