Strategy for roulette “Zero Patience”

If you want to find a great casino, you should first study this market. This is possible with the help of specialized resources. For example, you can read more about royal vegas slots casino here There are many systems of roulette. Among them is the “Zero Patience” strategy. Its advantage is the absence of requirements for the size of the bankroll. This system works equally well for large and small stakes.

What is the essence of this strategy?

“Zero Patience” does not require you to raise your bets, which is a condition of many other strategies. The size of the bet does not depend on the outcome of the rotation. The available bankroll is divided into 36 equal parts. Each of them conditionally become a chip. When dividing the bankroll, take into account the minimum and maximum bets set in a particular casino.

If a zero falls out, the player will get a chance to get his money back at the expense of other bets. The “zero patience” is recommended when playing French and European version of roulette, but it is better to avoid the American variety. To apply the described strategy does not require analysis of the results of past spins. Begin to play it immediately. A chip is put on the zero and the sixline 25-30. Two chips should be put on the first and second dozen. All sectors are closed except 31-36. The main wagering takes place at the expense of betting on dozens and the sixline. Falling zero can significantly increase the winnings. The name “Zero Patience” is derived from the fact that the system is designed for a zero. Each spin involves a bet of 6 chips, that is, the system is designed for 6 spins. If zero is dropped, the game should be stopped.

Disadvantages of the system

A minus of “Zero Patience” many call its static nature. Making the same bets quickly gets bored. Many players expect from roulette exactly emotions and do not want to apply this system. The effectiveness of this strategy is also not too high. No one cancelled the benefits of the casino. Long distances will bring you a loss.

Little-known profitable roulette bets

Network roulette differs from other gambling entertainment in that any bet in it has the same casino advantage. No cunning combinations are incapable of changing this simple rule. However, there are some secrets. For example, playing French roulette, you should consider the rule “la partage”. If to bet on the field, the house advantage will be 2, 7%, that is similar to the European roulette. If you make bets on the odds, the figure will be half as much. In American roulette it is not recommended betting on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3. They have a ratio of 6 to 1, with a casino advantage of 7.89%.

Fraudulent schemes

A couple of years ago a lot of sites started to appear in the network, offering “unique” knowledge, allowing you to earn money at roulette or slot machines. One of the conditions: you need to play in a casino from the list on the fraudulent site. As a strategy proposed by the usual Martingale system, using which you can easily lose a large sum of money, if you do not know all the subtleties. Nowadays, such “baits” surprise very few people, and almost all dishonest sites have been eliminated. Now fraudsters have switched to binary options, but that is a whole other topic.

Choose the casino should be carefully and carefully, so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters. You should also pay attention to the correctness of the site, design, interface. After all, it is much more pleasant to play at a high-quality and reliable casino, rather than on a dubious site, which sometimes hangs. If you start using, you will be able to find leo vegas reviews and reviews of other popular casinos.